Drug Channels Archive for December, 2016

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2016-12-23 07:55Drug Channels - Follow the Dollar: Measuring Who Profits From a Brand-Name Prescription (rerun)
2016-12-22 07:48Drug Channels - How Specialty Pharmacy Is Penetrating Buy-and-Bill Oncology Channels (rerun)
2016-12-21 07:45Drug Channels - Why the Walgreens/Prime Deal Could Transform the PBM Industry (rerun)
2016-12-20 07:43Drug Channels - My Visit to Boots UK: An International Pharmacy Photo Essay (rerun)
2016-12-19 07:44Drug Channels - Partnering with IDNs BioPharma Strategy Summit
2016-12-16 07:42Drug Channels - Things to Watch in 2017's Drug Channels
2016-12-15 07:52Drug Channels - Five Industry Trends for U.S. Drug Wholesalers in 2017
2016-12-13 07:17Drug Channels - New Data Show Prescription Profits Under Pressure at Independent Pharmacies
2016-12-12 06:34Drug Channels - The 2nd Annual Government Programs Summit
2016-12-08 07:38Drug Channels - Plan Sponsors Like More Transparent PBMs—Yet Not All Choose Transparency
2016-12-06 07:46Drug Channels - Novo Nordisk Sheds New Light on PBM Rebates, the Gross-to-Net Bubble, and Warped Channel Incentives
2016-12-05 07:58Drug Channels - CBI’s 8th Hub and SPP Model Optimization


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