Drug Channels Archive for May, 2017

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2017-05-31 07:49Drug Channels - Drug Channels News Roundup, May 2017: Express Scripts, WBAD, DIR Fees, JAMA, and #Asembia17 Photos
2017-05-30 07:48Drug Channels - CBI’s Summit on GPO Membership Eligibility and Class of Trade Maintenance
2017-05-23 07:40Drug Channels - A Reality Check on Amazon’s Pharmacy Ambitions
2017-05-22 07:43Drug Channels - Join me at the World Congress Pharma4 Event
2017-05-19 07:43Drug Channels - 340B Purchases Were More Than Half of the Hospital Market in 2016
2017-05-18 07:57Drug Channels - EXCLUSIVE: The 340B Program Hits $16.2 Billion in 2016; Now 5% of U.S. Drug Market
2017-05-16 07:52Drug Channels - Five Fun Facts About the New Express Scripts-GoodRx Drug Discount Partnership
2017-05-15 07:44Drug Channels - Medicaid Drug Rebate Program (MDRP) Summit 2017
2017-05-12 07:46Drug Channels - Three Misconceptions about Channel Strategy
2017-05-11 07:54Drug Channels - What I Told HHS Secretary Tom Price About the 340B Drug Pricing Program
2017-05-09 06:43Drug Channels - The State of Specialty Pharmacy 2017: Reflections from #Asembia17
2017-05-08 07:45Drug Channels - Partnering with IDNs BioPharma Strategy Summit
2017-05-05 07:45Drug Channels - The Weird and Wild Gross-to-Net Adventures of EpiPen and Its Alternatives (rerun)
2017-05-04 07:53Drug Channels - Five Industry Trends for U.S. Drug Wholesalers in 2017 (rerun)
2017-05-03 04:05Drug Channels - Plan Sponsors Like More Transparent PBMs—Yet Not All Choose Transparency (rerun)
2017-05-02 03:14Drug Channels - DIR Fees, Rebates, Pharmacy Economics, and the Future of Medicare Part D (rerun)
2017-05-01 08:19Drug Channels - The Top 15 U.S. Pharmacies of 2016 (rerun)


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