Drug Channels Archive for April, 2022

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2022-04-29 07:46Drug Channels - A Game-Changing Shift: Why Pharma Commercial Teams Are Turning to HEOR
2022-04-26 07:46Drug Channels News Roundup, April 2022: 340Boom, 340B Profits for Pharmacies & PBMs, Fixing Insulin, Walgreens' Robots, and Doctors' Day
2022-04-25 07:46Drug Channels - Informa Connect's Patient Support Services Congress
2022-04-22 07:46Drug Channels - Four Reasons Why PBMs Gain As Maximizers Overtake Copay Accumulators (rerun)
2022-04-21 07:46Drug Channels - Follow the Vial: The Buy-and-Bill System for Distributing and Reimbursing Provider-Administered Outpatient Drugs (rerun)
2022-04-20 07:46Drug Channels - Five Takeaways from the Big Three PBMs' 2022 Formulary Exclusions (rerun)
2022-04-19 07:46Drug Channels - Why PBMs and Payers Are Embracing Insulin Biosimilars with Higher Prices—And What That Means for Humira (rerun)
2022-04-18 07:46Drug Channels - Informa Connect's PAP – Patient Assistance & Access Programs
2022-04-15 07:46Drug Channels - Kristy's Story: Navigating Specialty Medication Challenges
2022-04-14 07:46PBM Industry Update: Join me next Friday for a live video webinar
2022-04-12 07:46Drug Channels - Who Will Pay for Prescription Drugs in 2030? (Hint: It's Us)
2022-04-11 07:46Drug Channels - Informa Connect's Life Sciences Commercial Contracts & Chargebacks 2022 Hybrid
2022-04-08 07:46Drug Channels - Four Solutions Manufacturers Should Consider For Retail and Specialty-lite Products
2022-04-05 07:46Drug Channels - The Top Pharmacy Benefit Managers of 2021: The Big Get Even Bigger
2022-04-04 07:46Drug Channels - Informa Connect's Rare Disease Innovation & Partnering Summit
2022-04-01 07:46Drug Channels - How the Medicaid Copay Accumulator Rule Will Hurt Prescription Affordability


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