Drug Channels Archive for July, 2022

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2022-07-29 07:46Drug Channels - Who Will Pay for Prescription Drugs in 2030? (Hint: It's Us) (rerun)
2022-07-28 07:46Drug Channels - Gross-to-Net Bubble Update: 2021 Pricing Realities at 10 Top Drugmakers (rerun)
2022-07-27 07:43Drug Channels - DCI's Top 15 Specialty Pharmacies of 2021—And Three Factors That Will Reshape 2022 (rerun)
2022-07-26 07:46Drug Channels - Warped Incentives Update: The Gross-to-Net Bubble Exceeded $200 Billion in 2021 (rerun)
2022-07-25 07:46Drug Channels - The Top Pharmacy Benefit Managers of 2021: The Big Get Even Bigger (rerun)
2022-07-22 07:46Drug Channels - The New Hub Features Improving Patient Assistance
2022-07-21 07:46Specialty Drugs Update: Join me next Friday for a live video webinar
2022-07-20 07:46Drug Channels News Roundup, July 2022: CVS vs. NACDS, ICER Impact, Biosimilar Boom, Deductible Doubts, and Alto Pharmacy (and me)
2022-07-18 07:46Drug Channels - Informa Connect's Medicaid Drug Rebate Program (MDRP) Summit
2022-07-15 07:46Drug Channels - What Manufacturers Need to Know About Alternative Payment Models
2022-07-12 07:46Drug Channels - Exclusive: Five Pharmacy Chains and PBMs Dominate 2022's Still-Booming 340B Contract Pharmacy Market
2022-07-11 07:46Drug Channels - Informa Connect's Hub and Specialty Pharmacy Models West
2022-07-08 07:46Drug Channels - GoodRx Pharma Manufacturer Solutions: Partnering for Patient Access and Affordability
2022-07-07 07:46Drug Channels - How Copay Accumulators and Maximizers Have Changed Payers' View of Copay Support
2022-07-06 07:46Drug Channels - Specialty Drugs Update: Trends, Controversies, and Outlook (NEW Live Video Webinar)


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