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2015-02-27 07:30A Forced Choice
2015-02-25 07:30Enjoy Your New Time Zone
2015-02-23 07:30Not Guilty
2015-02-20 07:30The Great Offer
2015-02-19 07:30Bible Reading Plan For Lent
2015-02-18 07:30A Baptism Of Clear Seeing
2015-02-16 07:30The Gravitational Pull Of Human Celebrity
2015-02-13 07:30Star-Struck Fans Or Fully-Devoted Disciples
2015-02-11 07:30Miracles Are Momentary; Faith Is Forever
2015-02-09 07:30Praying Before Your Meals
2015-02-06 07:30Loving Scripture But Missing God
2015-02-04 07:30No Judgment
2015-02-02 07:30Do You Really Want To Change?


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