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2016-12-30 07:30PTL—Right Now & For All Time
2016-12-28 07:30The Tables Will Be Turned
2016-12-26 07:30The Ubiquitous They
2016-12-25 07:30What Gift Do You Give Someone Who's Got Everything
2016-12-23 07:30Everlastingly Faithful
2016-12-22 07:30Voyeuristic Worship
2016-12-21 07:30Living Under the Influence—Of You!
2016-12-20 07:30A Little Help Here!
2016-12-19 07:30Cavetime
2016-12-16 07:30Zip It
2016-12-15 07:30The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Universe
2016-12-14 07:30The Opera Ain’t Over … Till God Says It’s Over
2016-12-13 07:30There's No Stopping God
2016-12-12 07:30A Downright Nasty Little Prayer
2016-12-09 07:30Enduring Love
2016-12-08 07:30You Can Trust Him
2016-12-07 07:30Reach For The Sky
2016-12-06 07:30Blessable Unity
2016-12-05 07:30Taking Care of God's House
2016-12-02 07:30Room For Only One God
2016-12-01 07:30God Doesn't Keep Lists


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