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2018-11-30 07:30Waiting Time Is Not Wasted Time
2018-11-28 07:30Living Just To Avoid Hell Is Shortchanging Your Christianity
2018-11-26 07:30God, Help Me To Constantly Cast My Cares To You
2018-11-23 07:30The Best Mission Statement
2018-11-22 07:30Making Every Day Thanksgiving Day
2018-11-21 07:30Be Spirit Filled – By Whatever Means!
2018-11-19 07:30God, Help Me To Live Out My Destiny In Eternity – Now
2018-11-16 07:30The Blessed Forgetfulness of God
2018-11-14 07:30The Apple Of God's Eye
2018-11-12 07:30God, Make Me Ready for the End of Time
2018-11-09 07:30The Malpractice of Prayer – And How To Avoid It
2018-11-07 07:30I Don't Feel Like Going To Church Today
2018-11-05 07:30God, Pour Out Special Blessings On All Who Serve You


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