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4 Things Kids Can Learn from YMCA Camps (w giveaway)

As a parent and a teacher, I’ve seen the amazing ways children grow and learn at summer camp. I cherish the memories of the days where my own kids piled in the car after a day of camp. With faces...

Beetlejuice is Coming to DC’s National Theatre May 16-28

I can’t tell you when I last watched Beetlejuice the movie that starred Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder. I don’t think we’ve ever watched it as a family. #ParentingFail In fact, there’s not...


5 Easy Ways to Help Teachers at the End of the Year

The start of May makes it feel like the end of the school year is finally in sight but for teachers, it’s one of the longest months and busiest times of the year. The weather is warmer and kids...

Free Finance and Entrepreneur Classes for Kids on Outschool

If you’re familiar with Outschool, you know they’re known for being an innovative online education platform that supplements learning with thousands of fun and unique, interest-based classes for...