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Get Well Soon Care Package for a Sick College Student

It’s that time of the year when I got a call from my college student telling me she’s sick. From over 3000 miles away, I can tell she’s not feeling good as soon as she says hello and is...

Why Teaching Civics to Middle Schoolers Matters

This post is sponsored by National Civics Bee

When you were in middle school, did you take a course in civics? I never had a dedicated civics class but learned about how our democracy works through...


Help DC Area Kids by Running the Turkey Chase Charity Race

I’ll never forget the first race I ran during St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend. It was memorable because my family flew to Memphis with me to support my first half marathon and my kids ended up...

School Year Essentials for All Ages

Whether the school year is underway or just about to start, this list of school year essentials for all ages is designed to get your family through the months to come. This isn’t a must-have list...