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Minecraft Uncensored Library Gives Censored Journalists with Freedom in the Virtual World

As parents, we sometimes feel conflicted about Minecraft. We want to shut it down because it’s screen time but we also recognize the creative worlds foster real world skills like math skills,...

Vejo Review: Portable Pod Blender for Premium Plant-Based Nutrition

This Vejo review is sponsored but all opinions are my own

At a time when we’re balancing work, trying to manage a household, and adjusting to a new virtual school year, it’s easy to forget to...


Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Kid’s School Computer

Yesterday I picked up my kids' school-issued Chromebooks as part of our new back to virtual school preparation. School starts online on Monday with virtual learning continuing through at least the...

How to Remake Learning in a Post-Pandemic World

This post is brought to you by Remake Learning and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

2020 hasn’t been the year that any of us expected it to be but maybe it’s exactly what we needed....