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14 Great Father’s Day Gifts for the Special Guys in Your Life

Men CAN be hard to shop for, but they don’t have to be! The key to great Father's Day gifts is to get him something that he’d never think of or the thing you know he’s been eyeing but would...

Kidpik Curates Outfits for Your Kids to Make Shopping Easy (w giveaway)

As a year of virtual/hybrid/in-person learning ends, we're realizing exactly how much our kids have grown during the pandemic. Shorts that were ok off-camera for online school need to be replaced....


Dear Students, We Did It!

Dear Students,

I know this year hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been one long rollercoaster ride with more twists, turns, and loops that any of us could have ever imagined but now that our year...

How to Make a Last Day of School Countdown Calendar with Cricut

This post is sponsored by Cricut

One of the biggest joys of teaching 8th grade is preparing my students for high school. I’ve always told them I treat them like the high schoolers they’re about...