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Why Goal Setting is More Important Than Ever & How to Help Our Kids

This post is sponsored by Classroom Champions

For nearly 12 months, the pandemic has changed our lives dramatically. The way we work, shop, and socialize has been altered while our kids long for...

How We Can Teach Teens to Be Safe Winter Drivers

As I’m sitting here writing this post, sleet is hitting my window and instantly sticking to the sidewalks and roads. The below freezing temperatures and slippery conditions are not ideal driving...


How Minecraft Teaches Kids About Social Justice Movements

First Minecraft’s Uncensored Library gave censored journalists freedom in the virtual world and then let kids vote on important issues through Build the Vote. Now through Lessons in Good Trouble,...

How to Send a Last Minute Valentine Gift Instantly with Punchbowl

I used to be so organized and then the pandemic hit. These days I feel like I’m winning at life if I remember to pick up a card during my occasional shopping trips AND put it in the mail to arrive...