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4 Ways to Help Provide Earthquake Relief for Haiti

If you’re a long-time reader and friend, you know my love for Haiti runs deep. I first traveled to Haiti in 2012 with a desire to get to know the country beyond what was being reported following...

How to Prepare for a Return to In-Person Learning

This post is sponsored by TextNow

Back to school season is here and while we’re excited for the return to in-person learning, this year comes with a mix of emotions. Our kids may seem happy and...


I Never Thought I Could Be a Minivan Mom Until I Became a Dog Mom

Confession: I've never been a minivan mom. We currently drive a station wagon that’s the same age as my daughter (17!) and a hybrid sedan. As we look to replace our aging station wagon, the 2021 ...

5 Ways to Teach Tweens to Say No to Underage Drinking

I’ll never forget the day that my 9 year old daughter asked me for a beer when we were at a ballgame. I could have been shocked that my elementary schooler tested me with such an outrageous...