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Fauquier ENT News Archive for November, 2014

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2014-11-25 07:30Why Aren't Medical Research Papers Available for Free?
2014-11-24 07:30Video of Lempert (BBQ Roll) to Treat BPPV (Horizontal Canal)
2014-11-22 07:30Young Girl from 0 to 14 Years Old in 4 Minutes
2014-11-21 07:30Hearing the Same Sound at Different Pitches (Diplacusis)
2014-11-19 07:30Sulfa vs Sulfate vs Sulfur vs Sulfite Allergy
2014-11-18 07:30How Much Bacteria Gets Transferred During Intimate Kissing?
2014-11-15 07:30Growing up Deaf in Sub-Sahara Africa
2014-11-14 07:30Video of How a Cut Skin Repairs Itself
2014-11-13 07:30Oral HPV Can Be Transmitted by Kissing
2014-11-10 07:30Online Healthcare Plagiarism (Even Among ENTs)
2014-11-03 07:30Dr. Robert Redmon Joins Fauquier ENT
2014-11-02 07:30Flowchart to Diagnose What Type of BPPV and Proper Treatment


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