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2010-06-30 01:152 new articles
2010-06-29 01:15US Securities Laws and Extraterritoriality
2010-06-26 01:15Rosenberg and McCloud on Choice of Law in Class Actions
2010-06-25 01:15Shah on Ethnic Minorities and Transjurisdictional Marriages
2010-06-23 01:15Brilmayer and Anglin on Choice of Law and the Metaphysics of the Stand-Alone Trigger
2010-06-20 02:30Nebraskan defamation law to be challenged under the South African Constitution
2010-06-20 01:15Nebraskan defamation law to be challenged under the South African Constitution
2010-06-19 01:15Conflict between the Marine Insurance Act 1906 (UK) and South African insurance legislation
2010-06-17 01:152 new articles
2010-06-16 01:15Court of Appeal for Ontario Rejects "Fourth Defence" to Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
2010-06-15 01:15French Conference on Choice of Law after Rome I
2010-06-13 01:152 new articles
2010-06-11 01:15European proposals on PIL and its impact on interregional law
2010-06-10 01:15Canadian Articles on Multijurisdictional Class Actions
2010-06-09 01:15Res Judicata for Foreign Freezing Orders?
2010-06-08 01:15Symeonides on American Federalism and Conflicts
2010-06-03 01:15First Issue of 2010's Revue Critique de Droit International Privé
2010-06-02 01:152 new articles
2010-06-01 01:15Reminder Conference 'Civil Litigation in a Globalizing World'


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