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2012-03-31 01:15New UAM "Julio d. González Campos" Seminar (13 April)
2012-03-29 01:15Saumier on Forum Non Conveniens in Quebec
2012-03-28 01:15Bayreuth Conference on a "Rome 0-Regulation"
2012-03-27 01:152 new articles
2012-03-23 01:15Fourth Issue of 2011Ôö£ó?öé??Ôö¼Ôûôs Revue Critique de Droit International Privé
2012-03-22 01:15Book: Feraci, "L'ordine pubblico nel diritto dell'Unione europea"
2012-03-21 01:152 new articles
2012-03-20 01:152 new articles
2012-03-18 01:15Spanish Law on Mediation
2012-03-17 01:152 new articles
2012-03-16 01:15Pribetic on Service by Mail from New York
2012-03-14 01:153 new articles
2012-03-12 01:15SSRN: New Papers on the Proposed Common European Sales Law
2012-03-11 01:15Call for Papers International Family Law and Party Autonomy
2012-03-10 01:15Bennett on the Presumption against Extra-Territoriality
2012-03-09 01:15Pauwelyn on Public International Law and the Conflicts Approach
2012-03-08 01:15Latest Issue of "Praxis des Internationalen Privat- und Verfahrensrechts" (2/2012)
2012-03-07 01:152 new articles
2012-03-06 01:152 new articles
2012-03-03 01:15International Conference on Recovery of Maintenance in the EU and Worldwide - Call for Papers
2012-03-02 01:15German Compendium on English Commercial and Business Law
2012-03-01 01:154 new articles


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