Conflict of Laws .net Archive for August, 2017

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2017-08-31 01:30Grounds for Refusal of Recognition of (Quasi-) Annex Judgements in the Recast European Insolvency Regulation
2017-08-30 01:30Egyptian Court of Cassation on the application of the Hague Service Convention
2017-08-29 01:30Baudenbacher on Brexit and the EFTA option
2017-08-27 01:30Second Issue of 2017's Journal of Private International Law
2017-08-26 01:30Valencia, 8 September 2017: 4th unalex Conference on the EU Matrimonial and Partnership Property Regulations
2017-08-24 01:30Brexit Policy Paper on Providing a Cross-Border Civil Judicial Cooperation Framework – a Future Partnership
2017-08-19 01:30General Principles of Procedural Law and Procedural Jus Cogens
2017-08-17 01:30International Protection of Human Rights and Activities of Transnational Corporations
2017-08-16 01:30The Mexican Academy of Private International and Comparative Law organises its XL Seminar on Private International Law
2017-08-15 01:302018 Nygh Hague Conference Internship Award 
2017-08-13 01:30Recent publications by Prof. Symeonides
2017-08-12 01:30Jurisdiction, Conflict of Laws and Data Protection in Cyberspace – Conference in Luxembourg, 12 October 2017
2017-08-08 01:30Implementation of Art. 56 Brussels IIa in Greece
2017-08-05 01:302 new articles
2017-08-04 01:302 new articles
2017-08-03 01:30Legal Implications of Brexit: an International Conference at the University of Hagen (Germany), 8-9 November 2017
2017-08-01 01:30Out Now: Fainess – Justice – Equity – Festschrift für Reinhold Geimer zum 80. Geburtstag


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