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2021-07-31 01:302 new articles
2021-07-30 01:30The First Postgraduate Law Conference of the Centre for Private International Law- University of Aberdeen
2021-07-29 01:30HCCH|Approach Initiative – Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the 1996 Child Protection Convention
2021-07-27 01:302 new articles
2021-07-22 01:30HCCH First Secretary Ribeiro-Bidaoui's response re the debate surrounding the 2005 HCCH Choice of Court Convention
2021-07-21 01:302 new articles
2021-07-20 01:304 new articles
2021-07-18 01:30Out Now: Gömann on the Internal Conflict-of-Laws Regime of the GDPR
2021-07-17 01:30Commission recommends for EU to join Hague Judgments Convention
2021-07-16 01:30A Journal Issue of PPPM Dedicated to the EU Succession Regulation
2021-07-15 01:30Webinar European Civil Justice in Transition
2021-07-12 01:302 new articles
2021-07-10 01:302 new articles
2021-07-09 01:302 new articles
2021-07-08 01:30Third-party Funding and E-Justice in International Dispute Resolution – Jean Monnet Module Annual Conference – 20 July 2021, Università degli Studi, Milan [live streaming]
2021-07-07 01:30Bonomi, Wautelet and others on matrimonial property: a brief review
2021-07-06 01:302 new articles
2021-07-05 01:30Virtual Workshop (in German) on July 6: Hannah Buxbaum on Equivalence Regimes in Transnational Regulation: From Comparability to Convergence
2021-07-03 01:30Video Recording of the Nigeria Group on Private International Law Inaugural Lecture
2021-07-02 01:302 new articles


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