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2016-12-28 14:30School Districts' Hiring Practices Need an Upgrade, Report Says
2016-12-22 16:30NYC Teacher Evaluations to Emphasize Classwork Over Standardized Tests
2016-12-21 15:00Pa. Teacher Strike Ends After Five Weeks, But Union Could Strike Again in February
2016-12-20 10:00Teachers in Wealthy Districts Get Bulk of Indiana's Performance Payouts
2016-12-19 15:00Washington State Governor Proposes Billions in New Taxes to Pay Teachers
2016-12-16 11:30More Teachers' Union Leaders Come Out Against New Student-Discipline Policies
2016-12-14 17:00Ed. Department to Ed. Schools: Rethink Tech Training for Future Teachers
2016-12-14 16:30Pa. Teacher Strike Continues for 20th School Day as Contract Negotiations Stall
2016-12-13 11:00Teacher Classroom Observations Are a Waste of Money, Economist Argues
2016-12-09 18:30Seniority Won't Protect Teachers from Layoffs in a Chicago Suburb
2016-12-08 15:30Study: It's Far Too Hard to Fire Bad Teachers
2016-12-08 07:30Elementary Teacher-Prep Programs Are Getting Better, According to Study
2016-12-07 18:30Michigan Effort to Reform Teacher-Pension System Fails
2016-12-05 20:00Three States Contend With Teacher-Pension System Woes
2016-12-01 18:00Mass. Commissioner Moves to Keep Using Test Scores to Evaluate Teachers
2016-12-01 16:00Reflecting on First-Round Accredition Reviews Under 'Tougher' Standards
2016-12-01 11:30Philadelphia Teachers Walk Away From $100 Million Deal


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