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2018-08-29 17:00Washington State Teachers Strike Over Salary Negotiations
2018-08-27 20:00Most People Wouldn't Want Their Child to Become a Teacher, Poll Finds
2018-08-27 13:30North Carolina Teachers Say Conditions in Schools Are 'Unacceptable'
2018-08-22 16:30Teachers in Kentucky No Longer Have to Earn a Master's Degree
2018-08-22 00:30Staff Benefits Are Eating Up Bigger Shares of District Budgets, Report Finds
2018-08-17 12:30Renewing a Teaching License Doesn't Help With Professional Growth, Report Finds
2018-08-15 12:30Jahana Hayes, 2016 National Teacher of Year, Among Educators Who Won Primaries
2018-08-14 11:00After Okla. Historic Pay Raise, Morale Is Up—But Teacher Shortage Persists
2018-08-13 14:00Outgoing New Teacher Center CEO: 'Teachers Are Not Born, They're Developed'
2018-08-10 15:00In These Few States, Teachers Are Not Allowed to Serve in the State Legislature
2018-08-06 15:30Los Angeles Teachers Take First Step Toward Strike
2018-08-03 14:00New Teachers Are Often Assigned to High-Poverty Schools. Why Not Train Them There?
2018-08-01 08:00Teachers Weigh in on Pay, Safety, School Choice, and Evaluations in New Survey


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