Brookings Topics - Global Development Archive for February, 2022

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2022-02-26 01:30Brookings Topics - Global Development - It’s time to end the slow-motion tragedy in debt restructurings and more...
2022-02-24 01:30AI for social protection: Mind the people
2022-02-19 01:30What is 'good' digital infrastructure? Measuring digital infrastructure to maximize development outcomes and mitigate risks
2022-02-18 01:30Accelerating digital cash transfers to the world’s poorest
2022-02-17 01:30Brookings Topics - Global Development - Essays on a 21st century multilateralism that works for all and more...
2022-02-16 01:30Financing the preservation of diverse life on Earth in a capitalist system
2022-02-15 01:30Brookings Topics - Global Development - Immigration is the key to emerging markets becoming innovation hubs and more...
2022-02-12 01:30Boosting the AfCFTA: The role of the Pan-African Payment and Settlement System
2022-02-11 01:30Making the future of African STEM female
2022-02-10 01:30Africa needs smarter investment in digital infrastructure: Strategies for enticing the private sector
2022-02-08 01:30Addressing Zimbabwe’s inflation: The role of the digitalization of financial transactions
2022-02-04 01:30Brookings Topics - Global Development - Employment creation potential, labor skills requirements and skill gaps for young people: A Rwanda case study and more...
2022-02-03 01:30The evolution of global poverty, 1990-2030
2022-02-02 01:30What we learned about 17 Rooms and growing the community
2022-02-01 01:30Paying for the malaria vaccine: Will Africa take responsibility?


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