Brookings Topics - Global Development Archive for April, 2022

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2022-04-29 01:30How can better climate data empower people to act?
2022-04-28 01:30Resolving gender gaps in ICT is critical for a more sustainable future
2022-04-27 01:30Mainstream economic policy must factor climate change into its growth calculus
2022-04-22 01:30COVID-19’s impact on learning losses and learning inequality in Colombia
2022-04-19 01:30Yemen in the shadow of Russia’s war on Ukraine
2022-04-15 01:30Raising the standard: Time for a higher poverty line in India
2022-04-14 01:30Brookings Topics - Global Development - From fragility to resilience: Recommendations for implementing the US global fragility strategy and more...
2022-04-13 01:30Brookings Topics - Global Development - Institutions, informality, and conflict in the Sahel: The case for Mali and more...
2022-04-12 01:30The global challenge of gender equality: Welcoming Caren Grown to Brookings
2022-04-09 01:30Climate change: Tackling a global challenge in Africa
2022-04-08 01:30Social and development impact bonds by the numbers
2022-04-07 01:30Brookings Topics - Global Development - How public health policies protected women-owned businesses during the pandemic and more...
2022-04-06 01:30Is high inflation here to stay?
2022-04-05 01:30Rural poverty, climate change, and family migration from Guatemala
2022-04-02 01:30Technology and the future of jobs in Africa
2022-04-01 01:30Brookings Topics - Global Development - Top priorities for the refugee education response across Europe and more...


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