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VIDEO: Pamela Geller Discussing Massive Corruption in the FBI on OAN

I joined Kara McKinney on OAN's Tipping Point to discuss FBI involvement in any number of terror attacks in the United States.

Buffalo, NY Mass Shooter Had Been Mentored by Former FBI Agent

The massive evidence of corruption in the FBI ...

Biden’s Baby Formula Crisis Is So Bad Parents Are Fleeing To Mexico To Feed Their Kids

Americans are fleeing to Mexico for baby formula and gas. This is the Democrat wet dream – third world America.

Biden’s Baby Formula Crisis Is So Bad Parents Are Fleeing To Mexico To Feed Their Kids [VIDEO]

By: Leah Anaya,  Red Voice ...

Scumbag Schumer blocks Senate GOP school safety bill, angering Republicans

They don't give a fig about our children. Their only objective is to disarm law abiding citizens – the last line of defense against the Democrats 'totalitarian goals of complete control and subjugation.

Schumer blocks Senate GOP school safety ...

‘Forget Guns. Whatever Happened to Men?’

Michael Walsh kills it in his latest column:

Forget Guns. Whatever Happened to Men?

By: Michael Walsh, May 31, 2022:

he Uvalde school shootings, coming as they did just before Memorial Day, have thrown into high relief one of this ...

Buffalo, NY Mass Shooter Had Been Mentored by Former FBI Agent

Another FBI terror attack…..

The FBI was complicit in the attack on our Garland free speech event. They were behind the January 6th chaos and the Gov. Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping.

Who gave the stand-down order in Uvalde, Texas? ...

Taiwan Jets Scramble as China Air Force Enters Air Defence Zone

And what does the Biden Administration intend to do to deter China? Remove the Trump tariffs. China knows that they have just a little over two years to take Taiwan, and they intend to do just that. We can expect a significant military conflict in ...

Biden’s Treasury Department Renews Chevron’s Oil License to Operate In …… Venezuela

Another horrible foreign policy decision by the Biden Administration. The Biden Administration viciously attacks America's energy sector, but has no problem lifting restrictions on Venezuela's energy sector. Chevron's previous agreement was ...

New Video Shows Texas School Shooter Salvador Ramos Holding Bag of Blood-Soaked Dead Cats

Gun control is not the problem. The Democrats closing insane asylums is.Law abiding citizens need their guns in this increasingly lawless country. What we need is nuthouses.

New video shows Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos holding bag of ...

Trump Peace: Israel, UAE To Ink Free Trade Agreement Today

History! This will be the first trade deal signed between Israel and an Arab country. Every day a new miracle because of President Trump's Abraham Accords. Trade between Israel and the UAE will be worth billions of dollars a year. #BDSDefeat! ...
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