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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says White House lying about COVID vaccine policy

Florida remains the only state not to pre-order COVID-19 vaccine shots for children under-5

“We are not going to have any programs where we’re trying to jab 6-month-old babies with mRNA…”

“The White House is lying about it, ...

Germany’s ‘Green’ Energy Disaster Is A Warning To The United States

“No nation has anything approaching a clean energy economy. And those that have promised to build one are all struggling.

“Germany turns to coal

Dutch join Germany, Austria, in reverting to coal

Germany’s ‘Green’ Energy ...

Fairfax County School Board Votes To Make It A Potential Crime To Call A Boy A Boy

The ruling class has lost its collective mind and they mean to take us all and every good thing down with them.

Fairfax County School Board Votes To Make It A Potential Crime To Call A Boy A Boy

Dissenting students at school will now be ...

Jan. 6 Committee Begins to Crack

The NY Sun reports, “The drama of these hearings revolves not around the events of a year and a half ago, but around the possibility of criminal charges in the future.

The gravity of such a development has precipitated tension between members ...

Nicaragua Approves Russian Troop Access To Country, Defies US Objection

Another massive failure for the Biden Administration. The Biden Administration lacks credibility, and has destroyed American deterrence. This is the result. Russian troops running military drills in a country 1800 miles from the United States. Once ...

China Is Threatening To Close The Taiwan Strait

With 2024 rapidly approaching, China's provocations are becoming more brazen by the week. China knows that they have a 2.5 year window of opportunity to fulfill their objectives, and they intend to do just that. Most notably invading Taiwan. We are ...

WATCH: Illegal Migrants POURING Into Arizona right now…..

The Democrat party is the enemy.They are destroying this country on every front. This not about party affiliation, this is about life and death.

Largest group of migrants I’ve seen yet in Yuma. Insane scene here on the ground. ...

DeSantis Speaks Out Against Newly Elected ‘Marxist’ Colombian President

Thank you Governor DeSantis. What does the Biden Administration have to say about the rise of anti-American Marxists leaders, who are rapidly gaining power in countries throughout Latin America?

Marxist governments in Latin America are a ...

Marxist Ex-Rebel Gustavo Petro Wins Colombian Presidency in Narrow, Historic Election

Since November of last year, hard-Leftists have been sweeping into power in Latin America. Honduras, Peru, Chile, and now Colombia have all replaced pro-America and pro-Israel governments with hard-Leftists. And if the polls are correct, Brazil and ...
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