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Gov. Gaslight Newsom Bans State Workers From Traveling to Certain States, Then Prances Off To Vacation In One of Them

s on vacation in Montana. His office had been loath to disclose the location until now.

Montana is one of 22 states to which CA bans state-funded travel due to anti-LGBTQ+ policies.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is being criticized for ...

FOIAs Reveal Far-Left Money Fueling FBI, DOJ, Leftist Activist and Election Official Coordination

The fix is in.

EXCLUSIVE: FOIAs Reveal Progressive Money Fueling FBI, DOJ, Leftist Activist and Election Official Coordination BY J. Christain Adams, June30, 2022:

A strange constellation has emerged through public records requests of ...

Scumbaggery: After 2 Cops Are Shot, Philly Mayor Whines About The Danger [He Created] On His City’s Streets, Says He Doesn’t Want To Be Mayor 😭 “I Want To Enjoy Stuff!”

The Mayor of Philadelphia literally responded to the shooting last night by saying that “I’ll be happy when I’m not mayor and can enjoy some stuff.”

Jim Kenney has presided over Philly’s largest rise in crime and is just like “fuck ...

Monmouth Poll Reveals What’s Most Important to 2022 Voters

It's not what you think.

Monmouth Poll Reveals What's Most Important to 2022 Voters – You Won't Believe What Outranks Abortion

By: Mike Vance, Daily Patriot Report,July 5, 2022

With the recent response to the overturning of Roe v. ...

ENOUGH! Holland On The Brink Of Civil War After Left-Wing Government Bans Farming

Washington D.C., take note.

The American media is censoring this story but make no mistake, this revolution against climate crap is just beginning.

Dutch Government to Ban All Farming

Related: Manufacturing Plants Aren’t Just ...

Judenrat Ben & Jerry’s Sues Unilever To Block Sales In Israel

Sick Jew-hatred. Keep boycotting Ben & Jerry's ice cream. The founders and management support the BDS (Boycott the Jews) Movement.

Unilever’s decision to reverse Ben & Jerry’s discriminatory boycott by allowing their ice cream to be sold in ...

Virginia School District Prohibits Teachers From Contacting Parents When Children Change Gender

Photo:A dean shows off a transgender bathroom in his high school (Mark Ralston/AFP via Getty Images)

Pull your kids out of government schools. Now.

The left is systematically destroying our children. How much more are Americans going to ...

TODAY’S DEMOCRAT PARTY: Democrat RI Senator TWERKS In Campaign Ad

Vile. Just when you thought the Democrats couldn't go any lower or get any more depraved……

Rhode Island State Senator Tiara Mack (D) made this video encouraging people to vote for her. She also sponsored a bill for teaching kids “queer ...

Trump Allies Snared by Peach State Subpoenas

Something is rotten in the state of Georgia.

Trump Allies Snared by Peach State Subpoenas

By Paul Duke, Red Right Patriot, July 5, 2022:

As our nation creeps ever further toward the 2022 midterm elections, (and the nigh-inevitable ...

Multiple Texas Counties Declare Border Crisis Is An ‘INVASION’

A number of Texas counties on Tuesday declared the ongoing border crisis an “invasion” and called on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to do the same, citing constitutional authority for states to act in self-defense in the face of federal inaction. ...

Red flags failed! In 2019 cops took 16 weapons from homicidal killer’s home, he went on to buy 5 guns with help of his dad

It's not about the stopping murderers and criminals with guns, it's about disarming YOU.

Highland Park Mass Murderer, Bobby Crimo, Tied to Socialists, Progressives, Antifa and the Occult

Highland Park Gunman Wore Women’s Clothing During ...

Biden Regime Sends Oil From U.S. Reserves Overseas As Gasoline Prices Skyrocket

The Democrats bloody hate you.

Biden allows oil from U.S. reserves to be sent overseas as gasoline prices stay high

Oil from U.S. reserves sent overseas as gasoline prices stay high

By Arathy Somasekhar, Reuters, July 6, 2022: ...

COVID Vaccines Increase Menstrual Irregularities Thousandfold, Fetal Abnormalities Hundredfold: Doctors’ VAERS Analysis

And now these Nazis want to give to babies.


Here’s Why Officials Are Desperate to Get COVID Vaccine on Childhood Schedule Before ‘Emergency’ Ends

CDC Caught Using False Data To Recommend Kids’ COVID Vaccine

Vaccines ...

Uruguay Judge Orders Pfizer And Government to Disclose Covid Vaccine Ingredients Immediately

Pfizer most certainly does not want this information being made public. For more than two years now they have used every legal loophole they could find to keep the public from knowing exactly what is in this foul substance they have been injecting ...

Manufacturing Plants Aren’t Just Mysteriously Getting Burned Down In The United States, It’s Happening Around The World

And the Dutch just banned farming……

“Things don't just happen, they are made to happen.” (JFK)

This increasingly appears to be a coordinated attack on the world’s food system and fossil fuel extraction. What are the globalists ...

Why Does the BBC Censor Content That Offends Muslims, But Not Christians, Jews Hindus?

It's not just the BBC but all media, entertainment and government agencies as well.

Editor's note: The writer is anonymous because in the UK such commentary can get you arrested for 'hate crime.'

Why Does the BBC Censor Content That ...

Joe Biden’s New Scapegoat: Your Local Gas Station

Gas station owners are small business owners. Many of them are new immigrants, or first generation Americans. The work on very poor margins. Now they are being attacked by the Biden Administration for high energy costs. Here is the irony. Many gas ...

Poll: President Biden’s Job-Approval Rating Now Underwater in 48 States

President Biden is the worst POTUS of our lifetime. In fact, Biden's presidency will be remembered as one of the most heartbreaking tragedies in American history, as his policies have done immense damage to this country. It is not beyond the realm ...
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