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2014-12-31 01:30tipsyculinaryqueen - Smoked Turkey Horseradish Cheddar And Cherry Panini With Red Wine Rosemary Mayonnaise
2014-12-30 01:30tipsyculinaryqueen - Ground Beef Pumpkin And Sweet Potato Biscuit Casserole
2014-12-29 01:30tipsyculinaryqueen - Sweet Potato Bacon And Beer Salad With Maple Tarragon Basil Yogurt Dressing
2014-12-28 01:30tipsyculinaryqueen - Cranberry Citrus Mint Mimosa
2014-12-27 01:30tipsyculinaryqueen - Pumpkin Bread Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast With Streusel Topping
2014-12-24 01:30tipsyculinaryqueen - Spicy Turkey Pastries With Jalapeno Pumpkin Sauce
2014-12-23 01:30tipsyculinaryqueen - Pumpkin Pancetta Bruschetta
2014-12-22 01:30tipsyculinaryqueen - Peppery Steak Cranberry And Walnut Pockets


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