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2011-07-28 11:30Ruthless and Secrets Untold Double Feature Review
2011-07-27 11:00Commonly Asked Questions by Aspiring Writers
2011-07-26 13:30Join Online Party Today for Secrets Untold Lip Gloss Chronicles Book Release
2011-07-26 02:00Join the Online Party Today - Celebrating Secrets Untold Lip Gloss Chronicles
2011-07-25 12:00More Great Summer Reads 2
2011-07-21 19:30Adele Receives Seven MTV VMA Nominations
2011-07-13 01:00Ruthless Advance Review #3
2011-07-12 04:30Ruthless Advance Review #2
2011-07-12 01:00Ruthless Advance Review #2
2011-07-11 17:30Ruthless Advance Review #1
2011-07-11 15:00Ruthless Advance Review #1
2011-07-11 14:30Ruthless Advance Review #1
2011-07-08 03:00Secrets Untold Excerpt
2011-07-08 01:00Secrets Untold Excerpt
2011-07-08 00:30Secrets Untold Excerpt
2011-07-07 08:00Secrets Untold Review
2011-07-07 01:00Secrets Untold Review
2011-07-06 20:00RUTHLESS Book Cover
2011-07-06 17:30RUTHLESS Book Cover
2011-07-06 13:00RUTHLESS Book Cover
2011-07-06 04:00Mary Monroe's Mama Ruby Excerpt
2011-07-06 02:00Mary Monroe's Mama Ruby Excerpt and more...
2011-07-06 01:00Mary Monroe's Mama Ruby Excerpt
2011-07-05 14:00UnAuthorized Interview with John A Wooden
2011-07-05 11:00More Great Summer Reads
2011-07-05 03:00Bayou Soul Writers and Readers Conference Pictures
2011-07-04 16:00Bayou Soul Writers and Readers Conference Pictures
2011-07-04 11:00Bayou Soul Writers and Readers Conference Pictures


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