Shelia Goss Archive for January, 2012

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2012-01-23 23:30Passing Love by Jacqueline E. Luckett Guest Feature
2012-01-23 01:00Introducing LD Hardy
2012-01-20 01:00The Audacity of Patience Levi by Billie Bierer
2012-01-19 05:00And Even If Did by Kisha Green
2012-01-18 21:30Family, Friends, Foes - A Malcolm Black Novel by Angelia Vernon Menchan
2012-01-14 07:30Autographed copies of Ruthless & Find out about Free Download of V.I.P.
2012-01-13 04:30Website Update & Contest
2012-01-11 21:00Surviving Mr Wrong
2012-01-11 02:00Featuring L.A. Smith
2012-01-10 16:30History of Movie Theater Concessions
2012-01-09 23:30Dirtiest Revenge by Cha'Bella Don
2012-01-09 19:00Emma Award Finalist - Delilah by Shelia M Goss
2012-01-09 01:00Featuring Kisha Green
2012-01-07 00:00USA Today Review of Ruthless by Shelia M Goss
2012-01-06 00:30The Stalker Chronicles by Electa Rome Parks
2012-01-05 15:00Mind Your Own Business by Lutishia Lovely
2012-01-05 01:00Sweet Innocence by Krystol
2012-01-04 11:30The Bad Twin by Shelia Goss is Now Available on Nook Too
2012-01-04 04:30Novel THE BAD TWIN by Shelia Goss is now on Kindle
2012-01-03 10:30Autographed Copies of Ruthless Available (Must Order Through Website)
2012-01-03 07:00Whisper Something Sweet by Deatri King-Bey
2012-01-02 23:30What da' Lick Read The Triple Cross by Sevyn McCray
2012-01-02 11:30Autographed Copies of Ruthless Still Available
2012-01-01 20:30Happy New Year
2012-01-01 01:00Happy New Year


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