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2020-12-02 04:30Wishing us bad luck
2020-12-01 04:30Mind blown
2020-11-30 04:30Frequency of home runs
2020-11-29 04:30Getting scammed
2020-11-28 04:30Want it or need it?
2020-11-27 04:30Reflection season 2020
2020-11-26 04:30Good or bad
2020-11-25 04:30Assiduity
2020-11-24 04:30Fixing the pedal
2020-11-23 04:30Making sentences
2020-11-22 04:30The amateur player pool table conundrum
2020-11-21 04:30It cannot be COVID
2020-11-20 04:30The savings equation
2020-11-19 04:30The top priority test
2020-11-18 04:30Things are often not what they seem
2020-11-17 04:30Solving for usability
2020-11-16 04:30Light and knowledge
2020-11-15 04:30I wonder vs. this is what I think we should do
2020-11-14 04:30Ronald Read
2020-11-13 04:30Noticing that inner disturbance
2020-11-12 04:30Problem solving velocity and blame
2020-11-11 04:30Out of ideas
2020-11-10 04:30Socrates' legacy
2020-11-09 04:30Soaking in lessons
2020-11-08 04:30Circuses and changing the world
2020-11-07 04:30Up to our neck in mud
2020-11-06 04:30Sugar cookie
2020-11-05 04:30The munchkin crew
2020-11-04 04:30Getting into Product Management – II (Interview prep + 3 things that help)
2020-11-03 04:30Reflecting on some dumb mistakes
2020-11-02 04:30Persimmons
2020-11-01 03:30Team of Teams – efficiency to leverage

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